What engine options are available?

Installation kits are available for a wide range of engines including the Toyota 4AGE (16 and 20 valve), the Toyota 1ZZ and 2ZZ, the Toyota 3SGE, the Ford Zetec, and the latest Ford Duratec.  However, current Australian emission legislation limits engine selection depending on the state in which the vehicle is to be registered.

What gearbox options are recommended?

Standard gearbox fitment is the Ford Type 9, 5 Speed which is readily available, compact and robust.  Spares are locally available and a wide range of performance transmission components including alternative ratios can be purchased through specialist providers.

Can Birkin Sportcars in Australia source my engine, gearbox and other components not included in the comprehensive kit?

Local Birkin agents can supply all of the components to complete your vehicle.

How do I register my completed vehicle?

All Australian Birkin’s have been registered as Individually Constructed Vehicles (ICV’s).  Every car has been subject to engineering inspection to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations.  Your local distributor has access to a well developed engineering template to speed this process.

 If I am over 1.8M tall, will I fit in the car?

Yes; the S3 will accommodate drivers up to 1.9m tall and 110KG in weight.  The pedal box is adjustable for reach and the driver’s seat is fitted with sliding rails to help achieve the optimum driving position.

Are parts and accessories easily available?

The advent of Birkin Sportscars has ensured that distributors stock and carry a diversity of parts from a simple engine mount to a complete chassis.

What is the delivery time once the order has been placed?

Birkin Sportscars has been established to ensure a supply of component form vehicles ex—stock.

How do I get my Birkin insured?

Your Birkin can be readily insured through a range of providers for a modest premium without a large excess. Your local dealer will be able to provide further details.