The below techincal documents represent a collaboration of all the original Birkin assembly manuals for the S3 model. The parts on display apply only to those RHD models imported to Australia/NZ, and LHD manuals will be uploaded shortly. The comprehensive level of detail and yet high degree of simplicity found within these manuals allow for the most experienced or even first time fabricator to construct this kit with ease. Feel free to browse the guides and manuals to see how long it would take you build your very own Birkin!

Owners Manual | Bolt Torque Settings

Group 1 RHD - Body and Chassis Assembly 

Group 2 RHD - Steering and Pedals

Group 3 - Front Suspension

Group 4 - Rear Suspension

Group 5 - Chassis Accessories

All documents Copyright Birkin Cars (Pty) Ltd 2003

Manuals are currently being updated to incorporate Australian Specific designs, including Zetec and Duratec engine installations. The manuals are also being modified for the widetrack front and independent rear suspension systems. Please stay tuned...!