The following kit option and accessory prices are conditional upon customers
purchasing a Birkin S3 chassis at the same time as purchasing these kits.

Windscreen Kit

$1,690 inc. GST

This includes a heated, laminated screen with aluminium surround, 2 wipers, a wiper motor, linkages, washers, washer bottle and pump.

Includes the following sub kits:

  • Wiper Motor Kit
  • Windscreen Heater Switch Kit
  • Wiper Assembly Kit
  • Windscreen Washer Kit
  • Windscreen Assembly Kit
  • Windscreen Mounting Kit
  • Wiper Arm Kit RHD

Wiring Loom Kit

$1,980 inc GST

This includes a custom body wiring loom, Birkin dash switches and warning lights together with a fusebox and relay kit. This is the quickest and easiest way to finalise that complex wiring!

Includes the following sub kits:

  • Electrical Loom Kit
  • Dash Light Wiring Kit
  • Switch Relay and Fuse Kit

Lighting Kit

$895 inc GST

This features  headlights and all other stop, tail, reversing and indicator lights with reflectors to meet ADR requirements.

Includes the following sub kits:

  • Head Light Kit
  • Tail Light Kit
  • Indicator Lamp Kit

Upholstery and Interior Kit

$1,290 inc GST

The interior is quickly and professionally finished with black vinyl side panels and backrest trim, dark grey carpet, fully trimmed bucket seats with headrests. Sliding seat runners are provided for the driver’s seat.

Boot Cover Kit

$390 inc GST

A weatherproof fabric boot cover is provided with all fasteners for quick and rapid fitting. This keeps the rain out and the contents in under hard cornering!

Includes the following kits:

  • Boot cover kit

Wet Weather Hood Kit

$810 inc GST

A weatherproof fabric roof with rear window is provided with bows and all fasteners. This is a must if you intend to drive your clubbie in the wet.

Includes the following sub kits:

  • Hood Assembly Kit

Side screens and Fitting Kit

$675 inc GST

Clip on side screens (with clear windows) which attach to and pivot off the windscreen make driving a pleasure in the wind in any kind of crosswind. For the more supple members of the Birkin community when used in conjunction with the wet weather hood!

Includes the following sub kits:

  • Side Screen Kit

Wind Deflector Kit

$195 inc GST

These Perspex deflectors are like mini side screens and are clipped to the windscreen to reduce road turbulence inside the cockpit.

Includes the following subkits:

  • Wind Deflector Kit

Tonneau Covers and Fitting Kit

$725 inc GST

This includes driver and passenger covers with fitting kit. They allow the car to parked in the rain and not fill with water!

Includes the following subkits:

  • Tonneau Cover Kit

Cabin Heater Kit

$405 inc GST

This includes a heater core and fan assembly, on/off switch and a heater tap and control; and absolute must for those who like to blast up into the hills on a chilly morning!

Includes the following subkits:

  • Windscreen Heater Switch Kit
  • Heater Kit
  • Heater Hose Kit

Steering Wheel Kit

$395 inc GST

Birkin leather bound steering wheel with carbon centre and fitting kit. This really sets off the interior of the car!

Includes the following subkits:

  • Steering Wheel Kit

Engine Fitting Kit - Ford Focus

$890 inc GST

This allows the installation of the noisy and heavy bits and includes engine mounts and a 4:1 extractor set in stainless steel.

Wide Track Front Suspension Complete

$3,450 inc GST

Wide track front suspension (only available for Starter Kit). This allows you to convert your old narrow track set up to the more modern and agile wide track system.

Includes the following subkits:

  • Wide Track Conversion Kit (comprised Upper and lower wishbones in Aero tubing, adjustable stabiliser bar assembly and all required linkages, bushes, brake hoses and fasteners)
  • This suits late model S3 cars...earlier cars with smaller ball joints will require uprights at additional cost.

Gearbox Fitting Kit - Ford Focus

$2,275 inc GST

This kit allows the installation of the Ford Sierra type 9 gearbox and mate it to the Focus engine above. It includes a Birkin developed aluminium bell housing with integral hydraulic clutch release, gearbox mounting brackets and rubber mount, gear lever, a new prop-shaft and fasteners.

Live Axle Rear Suspension Kit


Live Axle Rear Suspension complete with differential assembly, disc brakes, single piston sliding caliper and hand brake assemblies, and all required linkages, bushes, brake hoses and fasteners.